Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAccelAn interface for the acceleration structure
 CAccel_NaiveNaive acceleration structure
 Caligned_allocatorAligned allocator for STL containers
 CAssetBase class of an asset
 CAssetsAsset library
 Cboost_pool_aligned_allocatorAligned allocator for boost::pool
 CBoundAxis-aligned bounding box
 CBSDFAn interface for Emitter
 CBSDFUtilsHelper utility function for BSDF computations
 CClonableClonable component
 CComponentBase class for all component classes
 CConfigurableConfigurable components
 CDebugUtilsDebug helper functions
 CDiscreteSPD< 3 >
 CDistribution1DDiscrete 1D distribution
 CDynamicLibraryDynamic library
 CEmitterAn interface for Emitter
 CGeneralizedBSDFAn interface for generalized BSDF
 CIntersectionUtilsIntersection utilities
 CLightAn interface for Light
 CPortable< const std::string & >
 CPortable< std::string >
 CPortable< std::vector< ContainerT > >
 CPortable< T & >
 CPortable< void >
 CPropertyNodeAn element of the property
 CPropertyTreeProperty tree
 CPropertyUtilsProperty node helpers
 CRandomRandom number generator
 CRendererA base class of the renderer
 CRenderUtilsUtility functions for rendering.
 CSamplerUtility function for samplers
 CSceneA base class of the scene
 CSchedulerRender scheduler
 CSEHUtilsSEH utilility
 CSensorAn interface for Sensor
 CSIMDAlignedTypeSIMD aligned type. Inherited class automatically supports aligned version of operator new and delete for SIMD types
 CStaticInitStatic initialization
 CStaticInit< ExternalPolicy >
 CStaticInit< InternalPolicy >
 CSurfaceGeometrySurface geometry information
 CTextureAn interface for 2-dimensional textures
 CTMat33x3 matrix
 CTMat44x4 matrix
 CTriangleMeshAn interface for the triangle meshes
 CTriangleUtilsUtility function for triangle meshes
 CTVec22D vector
 CTVec2< T, SIMD::None >Default specialization for 2D vector type
 CTVec33D vector
 CTVec3< T, SIMD::None >Default specialization for 3D vector type
 CTVec44D vector
 CTVec4< T, SIMD::None >Default specialization for 4D vector type
 CTypeInfoImplements simple run-time reflection
 CVersionVersion information