Sensor_Pinhole Class Referencefinal
Inheritance diagram for Sensor_Pinhole:
Sensor Emitter GeneralizedBSDF Asset Clonable Component SIMDAlignedType

Public Member Functions

 LM_IMPL_CLASS (Sensor_Pinhole, Sensor)
 LM_IMPL_F (Load)
 LM_IMPL_F (GetFilm)
 LM_IMPL_F (Type)
 LM_IMPL_F (SampleDirection)
 LM_IMPL_F (EvaluateDirectionPDF)
 LM_IMPL_F (EvaluateDirection)
 LM_IMPL_F (SamplePosition)
 LM_IMPL_F (EvaluatePositionPDF)
 LM_IMPL_F (EvaluatePosition)
 LM_IMPL_F (RasterPosition)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Sensor
 LM_INTERFACE_CLASS (Sensor, Emitter, 1)
 LM_INTERFACE_F (0, GetFilm, Film *())
 Get film. Returns the film referenced from the sensor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Emitter
 LM_INTERFACE_CLASS (Emitter, GeneralizedBSDF, 4)
 LM_INTERFACE_F (0, SamplePosition, void(const Vec2 &u, SurfaceGeometry &geom))
 Sample a position on the light. More...
 LM_INTERFACE_F (1, EvaluatePositionPDF, Float(const SurfaceGeometry &geom, bool evalDelta))
 Evaluate positional PDF. More...
 LM_INTERFACE_F (2, EvaluatePosition, SPD(const SurfaceGeometry &geom, bool evalDelta))
 Evaluate the positional component of the emitted quantity. More...
 LM_INTERFACE_F (3, RasterPosition, bool(const Vec3 &wo, const SurfaceGeometry &geom, Vec2 &rasterPos))
 Compute raster position from the direction and the position. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from GeneralizedBSDF
 LM_INTERFACE_CLASS (GeneralizedBSDF, Asset, 4)
 LM_INTERFACE_F (0, Type, int())
 Generalized BSDF type. More...
 LM_INTERFACE_F (1, SampleDirection, void(const Vec2 &u, Float uComp, int queryType, const SurfaceGeometry &geom, const Vec3 &wi, Vec3 &wo))
 Sample outgoing vector. More...
 LM_INTERFACE_F (2, EvaluateDirectionPDF, Float(const SurfaceGeometry &geom, int queryType, const Vec3 &wi, const Vec3 &wo, bool evalDelta))
 Evaluate PDF with the direction. More...
 LM_INTERFACE_F (3, EvaluateDirection, SPD(const SurfaceGeometry &geom, int types, const Vec3 &wi, const Vec3 &wo, TransportDirection transDir, bool evalDelta))
 Evaluate generalized BSDF. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Asset
 LM_INTERFACE_CLASS (Asset, Clonable, 2)
 LM_INTERFACE_F (0, Load, bool(const PropertyNode *prop, Assets *assets, const Primitive *primitive))
 Load an asset from a property node. More...
 LM_INTERFACE_F (1, PostLoad, bool(const Scene *scene))
 Post processing of the asset. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Clonable
 LM_INTERFACE_CLASS (Clonable, Component, 1)
 LM_INTERFACE_F (0, Clone, void(Clonable *o))
 Clone the instalce. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SIMDAlignedType
void * operator new (std::size_t size) throw (std::bad_alloc)
void operator delete (void *p)