SurfaceGeometry Struct Reference

Surface geometry information. More...

#include <surfacegeometry.h>

Public Attributes

bool degenerated
 True if the point is spatially degenerated, e.g., point light source.
Vec3 p
 Intersection point.
Vec3 sn
 Shading normal.
Vec3 gn
 Geometry normal.
Vec3 dpdu
Vec3 dpdv
 Tangent vectors.
Vec3 dndu
Vec3 dndv
 Partial derivatives of shading normal.
Vec2 uv
 Texture coordinates.
Mat3 ToLocal
 Conversion matrix from world coordinates to shading coordinates.
Mat3 ToWorld
 Conversion matrix from shading coordinates to world coordinates.

Detailed Description

Surface geometry information.

The surface geometry information of the intersected point is stored in this structure.