Utility function for samplers. More...

#include <sampler.h>

Public Member Functions


Static Public Member Functions

static auto UniformConcentricDiskSample (const Vec2 &u) -> Vec2
 Sample a point in the circle uniformly with concentric disk sampling.
static auto CosineSampleHemisphere (const Vec2 &u) -> Vec3
 Sample a direction in the hemisphere from the consine weighted distribution.
static auto CosineSampleHemispherePDFProjSA (const Vec3 &d) -> Float
 Evaluate the PDF of CosineSampleHemisphere with the solid angle measure.
static auto UniformSampleSphere (const Vec2 &u) -> Vec3
 Sample a direction uniformly from the unit sphere.
static auto UniformSampleSpherePDFSA (const Vec3 &d) -> Float
 Evaluate the PDF of UniformSampleSphere with the solid angle measure.
static auto UniformSampleTriangle (const Vec2 &u) -> Vec2
 Uniformly sample a triangle, returns barycentric coordinates.

Detailed Description

Utility function for samplers.