QBVHNode Member List

This is the complete list of members for QBVHNode, including all inherited members.

bounds (defined in QBVHNode)QBVHNode
children (defined in QBVHNode)QBVHNode
CreateIntermediateNode(int childIndex, unsigned int index) -> void (defined in QBVHNode)QBVHNodeinline
CreateLeaf(int childIndex, unsigned int size, unsigned int offset) -> void (defined in QBVHNode)QBVHNodeinline
EmptyLeafNode (defined in QBVHNode)QBVHNodestatic
ExtractLeafData(int data, unsigned int &size, unsigned int &offset) -> void (defined in QBVHNode)QBVHNodeinlinestatic
Intersect(const Ray4 &ray4, const __m128 invRayDirMinT[3], const __m128 invRayDirMaxT[3], const int rayDirSign[3], float _minT, float _maxT) -> int (defined in QBVHNode)QBVHNodeinline
operator delete(void *p) (defined in SIMDAlignedType)SIMDAlignedTypeinline
operator new(std::size_t size) (defined in SIMDAlignedType)SIMDAlignedTypeinline
QBVHNode() (defined in QBVHNode)QBVHNodeinline
SetBound(int childIndex, const Bound &bound) -> void (defined in QBVHNode)QBVHNodeinline