Scene Member List

This is the complete list of members for Scene, including all inherited members.

LM_DISABLE_COPY_AND_MOVE(Scene) (defined in Scene)Scene
LM_INTERFACE_CLASS(Scene, Component, 10) (defined in Scene)Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(0, Initialize, bool(const PropertyNode *, Assets *, Accel *))Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(1, Intersect, bool(const Ray &ray, Intersection &))Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(2, IntersectWithRange, bool(const Ray &ray, Intersection &isect, Float minT, Float maxT)) (defined in Scene)Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(3, PrimitiveByID, const Primitive *(const std::string &))Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(4, NumPrimitives, int())Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(5, PrimitiveAt, const Primitive *(int index))Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(6, Sensor, const Primitive *())Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(7, SampleEmitter, const Primitive *(int type, Float u)) (defined in Scene)Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(8, EvaluateEmitterPDF, Float(const Primitive *primitive)) (defined in Scene)Scene
LM_INTERFACE_F(9, GetBound, Bound())Scene
operator delete(void *p) (defined in SIMDAlignedType)SIMDAlignedTypeinline
operator new(std::size_t size) (defined in SIMDAlignedType)SIMDAlignedTypeinline
Scene()=default (defined in Scene)Scene
Visible(const Vec3 &p1, const Vec3 &p2) const -> bool (defined in Scene)Sceneinline