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Lightmetrica : A modern, research-oriented renderer

This project is WIP

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Discussion on possible features, future developments, design or achitectural problems, etc.

  • Build environment
    • Support MinGW compiler
    • Build tests with Linux environment
  • Support code coverage
    • Support on Windows environment
    • Support on Linux environment
  • Add portability test on component
    • Compile library with different compiler and check if they works propertly
    • How to automate build and tests? Possibly with travis?
  • One problem for current implementation (v1) is that we cannot do a test with high and low precision floating point numbers because the precision is controlled by compiler level constants.
    • In order to resolve this, all the functions defined need to be templated. However this is not acceptable in terms of implementation.
    • Experiments with changing precision is not feasible.
  • Math library
    • Use policy-based design to select optimized or non-optimized version
    • Try to use user defined literals for representing internal floating point type (Math::Float)
  • Handling of command line arguments
  • Testing
    • Unittest of math library is not sufficient
    • Portability test
      • Create each component with different compiler, and try to run tests with various combinations
    • Performance test
    • Statistics test
  • Program options
    • Seprate scene specic options and framework specific options
    • Make modifiable with replacable template
      • This is useful for experiment with various sets of parameters
  • Object system
    • Portable property representation
    • Directly convertable from hierarchies in scene file
  • Serialization support
    • Makes it possible to print intermediate states, useful for verification or debugging.
  • Scene description
    • Possibility to integrate string template
    • Include another file
    • Binary support
  • Show defined macros in the startup
  • Write an article on how to make things portable
  • Remove indices in the interface definition of the component using constexpr counter


This software is distributed under MIT License. For details, see LICENCE file.